Uzbekistan visa and visa support

Tourist Visas to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan VisaIn order to enter Uzbekistan every visitor from every country (except for some CIS countries) must have a valid visa issued by an Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate abroad (see address section). Nationals of the countries where Uzbekistan is not represented by any of its Diplomatic or Consulate Missions can apply for Uzbek visa at the nearest Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate. Similarly, for their convenience, the nationals of the countries in which Uzbekistan diplomatic representations are available can still obtain Uzbek visa at the Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate located in the country other than the country of their citizenship.

Our Company will handle visa processing for our clients, both individuals and groups, provided the due documents are presented to us in a timely and conscientious way.

Tourist visas can be obtained only upon presenting an Invitation Letter, which our company issues after receiving approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The procedure itself is as follows:

1. Prior to arrival into the territory of Uzbekistan any tourist should provide our company with the following data and details

A. Copy of the passport with:

Personal data (full name, sex, and citizenship)

Passport details (passport number, date of issue, expiry date)

Date and place of birth

The copy can be faxed or e-mailed to our address

B. Reference from tourist's working place or place of studies made on the official letterhead properly signed and sealed/stamped, confirming tourist's occupation:

Official name of the company/enterprise (educational establishment for students),

Its location (country, city)

Tourist's position in this company

The Reference can be faxed or e-mailed to our address

Please note that visa issue regulations are simplified for a number of countries as from February 2003. Nationals of these countries receive preferential treatment in terms of visa issue.

Thus no reference from tourist’s working place /place of studies is required for citizens of such countries as Austria, Belgium, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Latvia. Nationals of these countries should simply provide our company (by e-mail) with details on their occupation

Exception is made for the citizens of these states who were born in a country not listed above. In such cases the reference from the working place/place of studies is obligatory.

C. Period of stay in Uzbekistan

D. Preferable place of visa application (location of an Uzbek Embassy or General Consulate)

2. On receiving the abovementioned details, our company will make the arrangements with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with regulations in force. After duly processing the package of documents Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends a telex directly to the Uzbek Embassy or General Consulate stated in the application documents and advises our company on the telex number.

Please note that it takes 5 working days to process visa application at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This period is shortened to 3 days for the nationals of the countries with preferential treatment.

In special cases an urgent visa can be obtained. In case of urgent visa issue the processing of visa application documents is assumed to be 3 working days instead of 5 working days and affects visa fee.

The cost of urgent visa is 1.5 times higher than that of an ordinary one (see sector Consulate Fees)

3. Our company in its turn issues and provides the tourist with Invitation Letter, featuring the above mentioned telex number. The tourist applies for entry visa presenting this Invitation Letter together with his passport and photos to the Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate. It may take from 1 to 3 days to obtain a visa depending on the Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate location. .Please note that Embassies and General Consulates reserve the right to charge additional fee for visa registration in addition to the visa cost.

4. Uzbek visa can be issued on arrival in Tashkent International Airport for the nationals of the countries where Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate is not available and visa issue by Uzbekistan diplomatic presentations in other countries is not possible due to certain reasons. For example, a national of above countries cannot apply for visa in a country en route to Uzbekistan due to lack of time, which is testified by the data indicated in the air ticket. In such case he can obtain visa upon arrival to Tashkent International Airport after providing our company with the due data and details as described above. In addition to this he should provide the copy of the air ticket or air ticket reservation. On receiving the above data and details in due time our company will make all the arrangements in order to ensure the tourist can get a visa from the Consulate service official at Tashkent Airport.


Nationals of the countries with preferential treatment can apply for Uzbek visa directly to the Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate abroad. In this case no Invitation Letter is prepared on the part of our company. Instead the applicant fills in the due documents provided by the Uzbekistan diplomatic representation in question.



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