Uzbekistan holidays

March 21 - Nowruz

Nowruz is the name of the New Year in Iranian calendars and the corresponding traditional celebrations. Nowruz is also widely referred to as the Persian New Year.

May 9 - Memorial/Remembrance Day

Victory Day or 9 May marks the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the Second World War (also known as the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union and all post-Soviet states).

Uzbekistan has officially recognized 9 May from 1946 until 1988. Starting 1999, the holiday was restored as "Memorial/Remembrance Day"

September 1 - Independence Day

In Uzbekistan, Independence Day is celebrated on September 1

December 8 - Constitution Day

December 8 marks the day in 1992 when Uzbekistan established its new Constitution.

National holidays when all offices are closed:

Date Uzbek name English name

January 1 Yangi Yil Bayrami New Year Holiday

January 14 Vatan himoyachilari kuni Day of Defenders of the Motherland

March 8 Xalqaro Xotin-Qizlar Kuni International Women’s Day

March 21 Navro’z Bayrami Nawruz (Persian New Year)

May 9 Xotira va Qadirlash Kuni Memorial/Remembrance Day

September 1 Mustaqillik Kuni Independence Day

October 1 O’qituvchi va Murabbiylar Kuni Teacher’s Day

December 8 Konstitutsiya Kuni Constitution Day


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